Lovely Llama

Guard llama caitlyn I

Guard llama catilyn II

Guard llama caitlyn III

Just remembered – you haven't seen Caitlyn's new haircut!

I found her in a quiet, meditative moment in the upper pasture the other morning, enjoying the warmth of the sun. I love her regal posture, like a monarch surveying her domain. Did you know she was a show llama before she came to us? She came from Heritage Llama Farm in East Longmeadow, MA. Her former owner, Jan, gave me a photo of her sporting a blue ribbon at a show many years ago. Caitlyn's glory days.

If you compare her midriff to her brisket, neck and hind quarters, you'll have some idea of the amount of fiber subtracted by the shears. The barrel cut will keep her much cooler in the summer weather. From the looks of the rest of her fleece, she should have it all come off when we shear her next spring.

Andy and Holly said she was very well behaved during her shearing, unlike Crackerjack. I suspect that's because she was use to being groomed and handled for show, whereas Cracker was lowly, humble gelding, kept as a companion animal. Jan told me he was picked on by everyone at her farm. No wonder he likes his life with my sheep. They adore him. He's their idol.

Tomorrow's the Sheep Shares Members Lamb Visit day here at the farm, weather permitting. I'll post pics for next week. Happy Friday to all.

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