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Two lambs in pasture

It's been a challenging two weeks at the end of one of the most hectic of springs here. After a short hiatus from the farm to help with a family situation. I arrived home to nearly four days without power after last week's severe electrical storm. It's a great excuse for not doing the laundry, but it certainly creates an email back log. It also wreaks havoc on show preparation. I've never missed a Mass. Sheep & Wool Festival and was especially sad to miss this year. Thanks everyone for your concern and for checking in. We're fine – and the sheep are doing just fine too.

In the lee of Memorial Day weekend, we're well into our second grazing rotation on several pastures. Since the early grass gets leggy in a hurry, Holly's been moving the flock along to keep up with the spring growth. Nearly everything is ahead of schedule, in fact I saw a neighbor making first cutting the other day. 

The highlight of last week was seeing Mistral bearing weight on her leg, at last. Her joint infection was a tough one to fight – the vet had warned me about that. Although her recovery was slow, she's managed to get about fine, keeping up with her pals Georgia and Garamond. The bottle lambs are not happy campers lately as we're started the weaning process, in hopes that they'll soon be able to head to their new home.

I don't have to tell anyone who lives in New England about the severity of last week's electrical storm. Violent winds tore apart trees and power lines. Because we live in an sparsely populated area, we're often last to get back online. I'm use to this after winter storms, but I can't think of another time when we had to wait 4 days after a thunderstorm for electricity to be restored. With more storms in this week's forecast, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this isn't the start of a pattern for this season. It could make for an exciting summer.

Two lambs, mistral
  Georgia & Mistral