A Daisy, a Dandelion, a Bluebell and a Buttercup

More wild flowers have arrived.

Lambs. Buttercup. May 2012. Foxfire Fiber

On Thursday Crimson birthed adorable twins. We've named the ram lamb Bluebell (Blue for short) and the ewe-ling Buttercup, after her grandmother, Buttercup, one of our very first Cormos from Alice Field's flock at Foxhill Farm. As you may remember, Buttercup passed away last year.

Crimson is a good mother, but her milk is slow to come in. It's weird because her udder is as big as a bowling ball, but there's very little coming out of the spigots. The lambs really have to work at it and then seem to give up. I've tried hot compresses and bag balm on Crimson's udder to stimulate milk making. And yesterday I gave the lambs some from a bottle – they were hungry. Just a little, because they still need to work on their momma. I'm sure this will work out fine, but I feel terrible when I see hungry little lambies. . . 

Lambs. Java. Daisy Dandelion. Foxfire Fiber

Java and her twins are doing well. Her ewelings Daisy and Dandelion have just mastered the art of bouncing. They have also become experts on climbing onto and balancing on momma's back, like little surfers! So Java is now wearing a sheep coat to protect her fleece from little hooves.


I'm sure we'll have a pasture full of new wild flowers by the end of lambing season. Seven more mothers are yet to deliver.

 Thanks for helping me with the names!