Video – Morning in the Garden with Lambs – And Word about Sheep Shares

For you: 

Another morning with lambs in the garden. In yesterday's post I was mistaken about the timing of the school bus – you'll see it in this post. You can hear the bus rumbling down the road from 1/4 mile away. When it swooshes by, the lambs go flying. Same for motorcycles and tractors. Fortunately, we don't see much road traffic here.

The slow-moving chunky little lamb tagging along after the others have taken off is Zap. Poor little guy is always getting left in the dust. His mom, Thalia, is great about staying near his side. You'll also catch a bunch of random lamb bounces throughout this clip. They can't help themselves.

I'm still in the process of shipping the Spring Shares, aiming to have every box shipped by the end of the week. Ordinarily I head to the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival for Mother's Day weekend. This will be the first year in a while that I cannot make it. I will truly miss seeing everyone there. I'll have more to say tomorrow, and also a list of where you can find Foxfire Fiber this spring.

On a separate note, I've had a few emails and calls this week about Sheep Shares 2010 so I'd like to take a second to answer most often asked questions. We are sold out of shares for 2010. No worries, we'll still have yarn available each season. I just can't take more subscriptions for this year. The idea is to guarantee that members get a share of each yarn and fiber blend we produce from our wool over the course of a year, and the larger the club the harder it is to make that possible. 

If you're interested in knowing exactly how the program works and the perks members receive, you can look here.  If you'd like a heads up when we're taking reservations for 2011, click here and then follow the link to subscribe to my e-newsletter. I promise to let you know. 

After I ship the Spring Shares, I'll be posting yarns and fibers I have for sale, both here and on my website. (BTW, if you still have questions, email is always the best way to reach me – there's an email link on the contact page of the Foxfire Fiber website.  Please know this week is especially hectic running the farm and shipping tons of boxes. Bear with me if I can't get back to you right away.)

Thanks so much for your interest – it's great to know so many of you are committed to sustaining agriculture and supporting domestically produced yarns and fibers. It means a lot to me.