Llama Lure

Before lambing season sweeps in and captures everyone's attention, I thought you might like a visit from some of our non-gestating critters.

Sol llama lives with last year's lambs. Each day we work with him on the same basic lesson: people are ok. It's taking lots of patience and incentives. At first he wouldn't come near us, even though a grain pan is mighty tempting. It drove the lambs nuts that he didn't want it and they couldn't have it. They still swarm around my legs like agitated bees.

But now he easily comes within arm's length and sometimes even a bit closer. I think he assumes if I want to catch him,  I'll trip over a few lambs in the process. It gives him time to make a break. 

The lamb buffer is getting him to let his down his guard just a little bit. He still hates eye contact so I'm careful not to make him uncomfortable. Eventually he'll learn it's ok for me to look at him, just a little bit. It's hard not to admire him, such a handsome guy. Our progress so far is rewarding and I'm holding hope that he may yet learn to trust people.

Sol Llama 1. foxfire fiber

Sol Llama 2. foxfire fiber

Sol Llama 3. foxfire fiber

 That's Mistral (above) standing on her tip toes to see if he'll share. And Georgia (below) hoping to catch stray kernels

Sol Llama 4. Foxfire Fiber

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